Step 1:

  • Borrow from £500 to £25,000 over 1 to 5 years.
  • Rates from 6.4% to 299% APR.
  • Designed to suit all credit types.
  • Fast Application Process
  • Decision in minutes.
  • Friendly staff dedicated to helping you.


Representative Example: Annual Interest Rate (fixed) is 35.7% p.a. with a Representative APR of 35.7% based on borrowing £12,500 and repaying over 60 monthly repayments. Monthly repayments £411.50 with the total amount repayable £24,690. and the total interest payable will be £12,190.

Low Interest Loans

Opal Loans is a loan broker that may be able to connect you with Low Interest Loans. We will consider your application even if you’ve had bad credit in the past.

Opal’s different and we’re proud of that. We help find finance to those who need it, provided in record time through our simple contact form. Just enter your details and we’ll have a member of the team contact you within moments to help finalise your application.

The secret to our amazing offering is that we’re not a lender! Opal loans acts as a loan broker for people with bad credit. What’s the difference? Simple; Opal receives a commission for each successful loan we help arrange with our network of lenders. This means that we can assist you with the possibility of valuable finance when you need it, even if you have bad credit, without charging you an extra penny. Great stuff.

Restoring Your Bad Credit

It’s a good decision to improve your credit for anyone, but doubly so if you’ve suffered from a bad score. Your credit history is a unique fingerprint of your financial history, and as such your best path to action will always vary slightly from another person’s.

An example of this is somebody who hasn’t necessarily missed payments, but hasn’t had the chance in life to make positive transactions and payments that improve a credit score. This person can find themselves in the same situation as somebody who has built credit, but has then lost it through unfortunate decisions or scenarios.

To restore credit, it’s a great idea to start small. Take out a credit card with your local convenience store or supermarket. This offers you a credit line that’s of a manageable and appropriate size, allowing you to begin making payments that will help build you back up.

You could also look to create another account entirely, and pay the agreed bills on this in time. This is an effective way to boost the restoration of your credit score; you can even combine suggestions to see drastic improvements within a shorter space of time. Keep at the front of your mind, however, the fact that all these payments have to be settled within agreed terms for the impact to be positive! Don’t overload yourself financially in an effort to restore your bad credit; you could do even more damage by accident.

The future, then, can look positive for someone suffering from bad credit. By measuring your spending history and learning patterns in your behaviour, and combining this with restorative practices, you can look to find yourself in the future with a great score that will aid you in adult life.

  • You must be 18 or over to apply with us.
  • You must be earning £800 per month or more.
  • You must be a UK Resident.
  • You must be employed.