Opal Loans is a Credit broker and not a Lender and if you take a product from one of the Lenders on our panel, they will pay us a commission once the funds are deposited into your account.

Long Term Loans

Loans can help you find the long term loan you need for almost any purpose. We consider your application even if you’ve had bad credit in the past and present you with the best offer from our lending panel.

We’re proud to provide an application process that is seamless, quick and easy to complete. Just enter your details into our contact form and in a matter of a few minutes we’ll have a friendly staff member contact you to go over your details in full. We’ll help you finalise the details of your application so that you may be able to gain access to the finance you need in record time.

What’s the key to our special offering? It’s simple. Opal isn’t a lender, we’re a broker of finance loans. This means that we work with the main loan lenders across the country our panel of lenders to connect you with the finance you need. By receiving a commission based off each and every loan taken out through us with our lenders, we are able to connect you with a bad credit loan without charging a single penny more.

Developing Great Habits with Money

We always recommend reviewing your credit score proactively. A bad credit rating can hang over any of us like a cloud, stifling us from being able to receive finance when we need it most. Whether you are a family member or need urgent access to money to repair your car so you can travel to work, there’s nothing wrong with taking a loan – you should keep a close eye on your history of purchases.

By reviewing the money that goes in and out of your account, you can soon discover patterns in your spending that you can work on tweaking for best effect. This process helps you understand your own patterns in spending, leading to you developing a great level of financial responsibility that will steer you well in adult life.

Why Might I Have Bad Credit?

It surprises many to learn that even utility bill providers can contribute to bad credit. Missed payments on such items often lead to that provider alerting credit reference agencies of the missed payment, causing your credit rating to be negatively impacted. Being aware of this, and paying all bills on time if possible, will help you avoid unwanted damage to your credit history in the future.

Further credit agreements such as traditional loans will also contribute to a poor score if payments are missed, but it is often found in the United Kingdom that small, regular payments are easily neglected; it’s these that may add up over time and result in a bad credit score for the individual. Planning and a careful eye for detail is key as a responsible adult.

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