Opal Loans is a Credit broker and not a Lender and if you take a product from one of the Lenders on our panel, they will pay us a commission once the funds are deposited into your account.

Loans Without Guarantors

Opal Loans is a broker of loans that don’t require a guarantor. Even if you’ve had bad credit in the past we can help connect you with the lender most suited to your needs.

It couldn’t be easier to apply with Opal. Simply take a look at our form and enter your details; we’ll be right in touch in a matter of minutes to help you go through the full stages of your application.

At Opal we’re a little different. Instead of being a lender, we’re loan brokers that assist customers with bad credit. This means that we analyse the market and match your current details and situation to the best offer that we can find. In the process, Opal won’t charge you with any fees as each of the lenders we work with instead pays us a commission on completion of your loan.

What Causes Bad Credit?

For many of us, bad credit is an unsettling and scary concept that we don’t necessarily know too much about. The level of understanding of what determines your credit score can vary across the country, but one thing is certain: everyone can benefit from understanding it better.

Just as important as knowing what can contribute to bad credit is being able to pinpoint in your financial history where you may have suffered from certain actions. Taking the time to review your history can help you understand, not only where your credit suffered, but can also enable you to see bad patterns in your spending behaviour that you can avoid in future.

The most common cause of a bad credit rating is when a person fails to meet payments against an agreement of credit. This can be any number of obligations; a phone bill is a perfect example, but what many of us would consider to be a classic or traditional loan also applies.

Bills from other areas are just as capable in causing bad credit, however. If you have a bill due for your place of living, such as a utility bill, missing this may damage your score. The reason? It’s standard practice for many utility providers to send information on their customers’ payments straight through to the agencies that determine your credit. In this way, an entity that is totally separate can still give you issues in the long term due to the connected nature of the organisations that are involved in determining your credit.

Finance for a Responsible Future

Opal understands; bad credit happens to good people. By being loan brokers for people with bad credit, we are able to help those with poor credit histories in finding the finance they need, when they need it.

Act now to begin your process in securing your finance. We aim to respond quickly to all requests, judging each application fairly and swiftly with an eye towards understanding your past credit history.

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