Three Hobby Ideas That Don't Cost a Penny

Finding a new pastime to get stuck into is a common thought for us everyday people! The catch, as it always is in adult life, is the money. Investing in an expensive sport like golf is fine for the jet-setting business owner, but what alternatives are there for those of us who would prefer to keep our Pounds and pennies in the bank? Let’s take a look!

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Of all the forms of entertainment available to us on the internet, the podcast is a format that has exploded in popularity compared to others. The idea is simple; interviewers within any niche or industry have a conversational interview or discussion with a guest or colleague.

The podcast is different from a YouTube video in that it isn’t edited. The discussion commonly lasts several hours and is enticing to the listener in that you are almost sitting in the room with them, being part of the conversation. The relaxed, friendly atmosphere common to podcasts makes them exceptional choices for healthy ‘background noise’ when working or doing exercise.

Subjects can vary enormously. Comedic podcasts can leave you clutching your sides in minutes, whereas there are untold thousands of informative alternatives that cover just about every subject and concept in the world. Whatever your preference is, you’re guaranteed to find an interesting option to suit you. For those who access iTunes, the podcast section ordered by popularity is a fantastic place to start digging.

Food Adventures

Cooking is undoubtedly a fashionable hobby in the modern world. We’ve come a long way from the years past where there were no big name celebrity chefs to entice us with humorous and informative videos! With such a vibrant scene nowadays, getting truly ‘into’ cooking is easier than ever and just as rewarding as it always has been./p>

Learning to cook (or developing your skills further) is an excellent choice as it gently nudges you out of your comfort zone. We’re all experts of the same few dishes that keep us going week after week, even if those might involve heavy use of a microwave! Picking up new recipes and cooking techniques puts you outside this routine, opening new possibilities for healthy living that saves money too.

In order to keep your costs down, try separating your culinary adventures into themes. Dedicate a week or month to learning a specific countries cuisine, such as committing to learning three new Italian classics before moving on to Mexican food. This has two key benefits; the first is that you will save money by buying the seasonings and items common to that style of cooking and using them in bulk. Secondly, it simply makes it easier to stick to a goal when it isn’t a one off!


It’s fair to say some of us could use a few lessons! Did you know that famous actor Terry Crews learned to bust his legendary moves by watching videos in his bedroom? Learning to dance can be a clumsy affair, but it’s one that you can comfortably do in the privacy of your own home.

YouTube is, as always, flooded with original content aimed at getting beginners to strut their stuff. By not having to worry about the reviews from your friends and family, you can truly let loose and have fun in the process. Learning to dance is an athletic hobby that will help you stay in shape; it’ll also give you a tremendous feeling of accomplishment in having tackled something many aim to do but never get around to!

Similar to our last hobby suggestion on cooking, you can make the first few sessions easier on yourself by choosing a style of dance that interests you. Learn the basics, watch your instructional videos and enjoy the process of picking up a hobby that keeps you in shape and makes you look and feel supremely confident in public. Winner!

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